Customize your chair at low cost

Buy a cheap chair and turn it into a piece of custom design. In this case the chair is from Ikea, has a modern design but lacked something else, color and personality.

- Glue/varnish;
- Leaves patterned paper;
- Leaf to take the model;
- Brush;
- X-acto knife;
- Pencil;
- Sticky tape.


Choose a paper with a pattern that allows several sheets to be join. Rehearse how you want the pattern on the chair.
Use a paper to draw the model of the seat and cut.
Join the different pattern paper sheets, place the template on top and mark with pencil. After cutting the standard sheets preferably with the x-act to make sure that the cutting is perfect.

Put some glue/varnish on top of the chair and place the sheets. Pass over the sheets a bit of glue/varnish, to moisten,use this procedure until the end. Be careful with the air bubbles that arise from lack of glue. 
After being dried, correct the borders with a x-acto and then apply glue/varnish again.