Children's bedroom in the return to school

With the end of the holidays comes time to start preparing the start of school. Buy books, notebooks, pens, backpack, etc..

Why not also prepare the room of your children for the start of the school year?
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An organized room helps to have a successful school year.

We must make room for files, books, papers, without forgetting the leisure time are also needed.

Although the living room depends on the age of the child, the older they get the more space they need for your privacy, study and leisure.

Here are some general tips for organizing your kids' bedroom:
  • talk to them and try to understand their needs for space and their organization method. Try to involve them in the organization of the room so they feel responsible to keep it clean and organized.

  • do a cleanup of outdated items. This cleansing allows to make room for things to come and will bring new energy to the space. Donate some items to associations or sell online.

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  • arrange space on the shelf for storing all the books and files to come.

  • on the south side of the room arrange a special space to display trophies and honors that your child received.

  • arrange the items from bottom to top, the most used items on the bottom shelves and the least used on the top shelves.

  • if your child is a todler. use boxes to pack small toys. The more used toys can stay on the shelf.

  • associate the toys pack up with fun time, arrange labels with pictures and words to help the little ones realize where they can pack up and learn new words. 

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  • the desk should be functional and don´t forget the accessories, cups for pens, lamp, etc. If your child has a desktop computer get yourself a cable organizer, will be easier to clean the room.

  • the desk chair should not be with his back to the entrance of the room.

  • remember that the little ones need to have their most valuable assets accessible, if they can not reach it they can not pack it. Clothes can be accessible, so they learn to develop their independence.

  • put a hook behind the door. It's easier for them to come and hang their coats, it´s out of sight and tucked away behind the door.

  • don´t forget to get a basket for recycling paper and one for trash. This way they seize from little to value the environment.

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  • arrange a corner with a beanbag away from distractions for the recreation area and reading, with good lighting.

  • the bed shouldn´t be in the line between the window and the door, so that your sleep is not disturbed by fast energy. When lying in bed you should be able to see the entrance door.

  • with regard to the decoration don´t forget that it´s your child room, it is space in the house, let him put his personality into the space.

One last note, remember that an organized and airy room is a step towards the well being and success of their inhabitants.

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