Tips to decorate your room with little money

Summer is here, is the time of the year which makes you want to change the decor of the house, but the crisis and the holidays do not allow big spending.

To chance the decor of your spaces you don’t have to make large expenditures.

You can reuse what you have, changing the existing furniture, adding new accessories, wallpaper, decorative items and one other piece of furniture.

Sometimes the details can make a difference. I leave a few tips to change the decor of your bedroom.

The first step is to choose the colors and style you want to put in the space. Flip some magazines and choose the style and colors that suit you best.

Do not forget that the bedroom is where we need calm and quiet so do not choose strong colors, choose a blue or a green that are restful. Use a neutral color as a base for the walls and the big furniture and put color in details such as cushions, carpet, chair, decorative items.

Change the layout of your bedroom. Safeguard you bed, take her away from the line that goes from the door to the window, but so as not to lose sight of the door when you're in bed, see figure. Pay attention to the corners of the furniture they should not be pointing to the bed.

Now that you have chosen the colors and style you can start picking details.
Place wallpaper behind the headboard, or if you prefer, paint the headboard wall a different color from the rest of the room to stand out.

If you're tired of your headboard and if it is made of wood you can make a "hood" lined, thus simulating an upholstered headboard. Make a headboard high to protect it when you are sleeping.

Reuse a quilt that you already have and buy only the cushions. Pick cushions with color to give life to your bedroom.

Your curtains do not fit the decor you choose, buy new curtains in many stores that exist in the market, or buy the fabric and make them.

Make a list of your storage needs, so that you can get an idea of ​​the furniture that stays and the one that can leave.
The furniture that stays can be painted, there accessories can be changed. Change the handles, put a simple or colored glass over, paint floral designs.


 Finally the decorating accessories. Put pictures of couples in the area southwest of your room area of ​​the relationship. Make your own art pieces. Enjoy what remains of rolls of toilet paper and make a painting/sculpture, give wings to your imagination. Visit Growing up Creative to have the instructions to make the painting of the image.

Have fun redecorating your bedroom.
I am available to help you make your room a haven of calm and peace.