Another point for the Portuguese Design

Image reference for the website of the designer Rui Alves

The Portuguese Designers Rui Alves won the Red Dot Design Award: Best of the best 2010 in the Concept Design/Home Furniture category. "Welcome to the Jungle" is the name fo the furniture line with five elements.

The name comes from the moment of inspiration when playing with plastic animals with his child. The designer has created five elements each with a name and a possibility of functions, James the elephant, John the hippopotamus, Jeremy the lion, Jerry the giraffe and Joe the crocodile. The animals are distinguished by their color, size and shape. The lines have been stylized to facilitate the interaction of the elements so that they could function as a modular line. The feet of each can be exchanged for each other to let people discover new features in the set. They can form a shelf together, a bench, a table or a hanger together or alone.

I invite you to visit his website and learn more about the designer and his work,