Shoe rack with reused materials

I needed a shoe rack in the entrance hall of my house, between the hypotheses to buy a cabinet or build my own, the last idea won.

I had a lot of cardboard boxes, so I reused them to make the shoe rack structure inside an existing cabinet in the entrance hall. This idea allows for the the shoe rack structure not to have much consistency, because the cabinet is the one that will help support. This way I only need to create something to support the shelves. So I created vertical sides of cardboard, leaning against the cabinet and the other against the boxes of electricity that would be supported by the shelves.

Here is a picture of the shoe rack .

How to solve the challenge of supporting the shelves? Because the shoes are not too heavy, I did something simple like create a cut in the vertical sides of the cardboard to make a tab to support the shelf.

How to resolve the situation of the hinges of the existing cabinet not interfering with the vertical sides of the shoe rack?  Easy, cut the outline of the hinges and it will fit around it.

Here are pictures of the details I mentioned.

Hope you like this idea, and reused materials.