Your walls are a black board

What if you could write on the walls of your office?

Now in addition to the Slate paint also exists a solution to turn your walls into a whiteboard.

This paint transforms a normal wall in a large whiteboard where you can write with a special pen and erase.
It is an ideal finish for boardrooms of companies, makes it easier to brainstorm or to present an idea, can also serve as a projection screen for presentations.

Your kids will love the opportunity to write on the bedroom walls. Makes study more fun, now they will be able to put on the wall important notes for exams.
You no longer need a board in your kitchen, you can have an entire wall with reminders, and there is no longer an excuse not to see the messages.

In addition to the white paint also exists a varnish which allows making a wall of any color into a whiteboard. You can write over your favorite color. Imagine playing Pictionary with friends in your living room using all your wall to draw.

The paint can be used in any space, commercial, residential or corporate. In the store, highlight the ideas and testimonies of your clients, paint a wall and invite them to write it. At the restaurant, turn your menu into a star, write it on a wall of the restaurant.
There is also the versatility to use the paint on the doors or furniture in your home or commercial establishment.

Make your spaces into interactive and creative spaces, at home, work or with your clients.

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