2013 Decoration trends

We are in the final stretch of the year 2012, find with me the decoration trends for 2013 according to decoration magazines e Lidewij Edelkoort, trend forecaster.

The trend for the interiors will focus on durability and comfort with sober and neutral colors. The tendency will be to buy furniture with good quality both in materials and finishes. The furniture will have straight and conservative  lines. The textures and patterns will also be very popular. The decorative items will have the personality of time and history. The pieces will be handmade or reused with a new function. Use a cup or vase cracked like old forks to use a chandelier.

PATTERNS. A trend that has been increasing are the patterns with white background. Fabrics and wallpapers with white background and floral motifs, or vintage motifs with a touch of white, are trends that have been becoming popular. So do not forget to add a splash of white. There is a tendency to create calm and comfortable spaces connected with the exterior, so the patterns with animals and flowers motifs will be very popular. In the case of animal motifs trend is for the elephant and dog. The floral patterns will be stylized and modern, much like the Nordic style. The stripes will be on the rise in the decoration, as they were in the fashion catwalk. There is a tendency to use in the interiors the patterns of folklore African, Mexican, Bulgarian and other cultures.

TEXTURES. The textures will gain strength in 2013 because they are allied to the senses, visual and touch. The fabrics and finishes involve people in warm textures and create depth in the decorations. The natural textures will tend to emerge more because they are allied with comfort. The beige and neutral colors will set the tone for warm and comfortable spaces. Materials such as wood, iron, natural fibers will be widely used in 2013.

COLORS. The bright and vibrant colors of 2012 will give way to more neutral colors. While in 2012 green was the dominated color, in 2013 blue will be the master. Two shades of blue will emerge, a dark, navy, that can replace the black, and a lighter tone that should arise as a neutral color in space. Green will become an strong Oliva shade. The yellow becomes pale, and can be used in contrast with darker and richer colors.
According to the website Pantone.com the trend for color in 2013 are:
  • Blue: Dusk Blue (Pantone -16-4120), Monaco Blue (Pantone 19-3964)
  • Green: Emerald (Pantone 17-5641), Grayed Jade (Pantone 14-6011), Tender Shoots (Pantone 14-0446)
  • Red / Yellow: Poppy Red (Pantone 17-1664), Nectarine (Pantone 16-1360), Lemon Zest (Pantone 13-0756)
  • Violet: African Violet (Pantone 16-3520)
  • Rose: Linen (Pantone 12-1008